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Maidaan Movie Download Filmyzillais an upcoming ajay devgun and priyamani movie. Maidaan is a Hindi language biographical sports drama film that will be released in the cinema hall on 23 June 2023. In the Maidaan movie two National Award Winner Artists are working Ajay Devgun And Priyamani(Priya Vasudev mani Iyer).

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Today we will do a detailed review of the Maidaan Movie in this article and also tell you why you should not Maidaan Movie download from the Torrent website. For a detailed review of the Maidaan Movie, read this article very carefully till the end, you will get all the information related to Maidaan Movie. If you like this article of ours, then definitely share it with your friends and family.

Maidaan Movie Download HDHub4u in HD, Full HD, & 4K

The Maidaan movie is being directed by Amit Sharma. Amit Sharma is best known for the 2018 film Badhaai Ho, which was one of the highest-grossing Bollywood films of that year. Maidaan is the third movie in the Amit Sharma Carrer. Maidaan movie is produced by Indian 3 producers and one Indian production Company.



The producers of the Maidaan movie are Boney Kapoor, Arunava Joy Sengupta, & Akash Chawla. Famous Indian Musician Allah Rakha Rahman is Work as a music composer in the Maidaan movie.

Movie Name Maidaan

Releasing Date 23 June 2023

Language Hindi

Country India

Director Amit Sharma

Producer Zee Studios

Boney Kapoor

Arunava Joy Sengupta

Akash Chawla


Ajay Devg

Camera Tushar Kant Ray

Star Cast Ajay Devgan


Nitanshi Goel

Gajraj Rao

Rudranil Ghosh

Rohit Mondal

Rishabh Joshi

Video Editor Dev Rao Jadhav

Shahnawaz Mosani (Sports)

Music by A. R. Rahman

Maidaan Movie Download Production Department Detail

Budget & Box Office Collection

The total budget of the Maidan movie is around 100 crores. This is not the official budget for Maiya Movie it is just the estimated budget as of now. The actual budget is not yet announced by the filmmakers. This estimated budget of ours can be more or less than the actual budget. We will update this article after the official budget for the Maidaan movie is announced.

Total Budget Approx. 100 Crore

First Day collection N/A

Second Day Collection N/A

1 Week Collection N/A

Maidaan Movie Download Box Office Collection

Dubbed In

Maidaan is a Pan India Movie that will be originally released in the Hindi language but this film will be dubbed and released in other languages of India as well. Maidaan movie will be dubbed and released in a total of 04 languages.

Information on the dubbed language of the Maidaan Movie is given below.

  • Tamil
  • Telugu
  • Kannada
  • Hindi

Shooting Detail

The Maidaan film was officially announced in July 2019. And the principal photography of the film started on 19 August 2019. The shooting of the film Karan was stopped due to Covid. When the shooting of the film resumed in the year 2021, a few days after the start of the shooting, a cyclone came and destroyed the set of the film, and the shooting of the film again stopped for a few days.


Somehow the shooting of the film was completed and the release date of the film was announced on 3 June 2022. But due to the non-completion of the post-production work of the film, the release date of the film was postponed. The new release date of the film Maidaan is 23 June 2023.

Cast Detail

• The film stars Ajay Devgan, Priyamani, and Gajraj Rao in lead roles. Nitanshi Goyal, Rudranil Ghosh, Rohit Mondal, Rishabh Joshi, Diego Torres Kuri, and Aryan Bhowmick are all-stars as supporting actors in the film.

• Ajay Devgan is in the role of Syed Abdul Rahim. He was an Indian football coach and manager of the Indian national team. He served as coach and manager from 1950 until his death in 1963.

• National Award-winning Tamil actress Priya Vasudeva Mani Iyer plays Syed Abdul Rahim’s wife.

• Actress Nitanshi Goyal is in the role of Syed Abdul Rahim’s daughter.


Actor Name Character Play
Ajay Devgan Play as Syed Abdul Rahim aka Rahim Saab
Priyamani Play as Syed Abdul Rahim’s wife
Nitanshi Goel Play as Syed Abdul Rahim’s Daughter
Rohit Mondal N/A
Aryann Bhowmik N/A
Rishabh Joshi N/A
Gajraj Rao N/A
Diego Torres Kuri N/A
Rudranil Ghosh N/A

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Detail Story

After Drishyam 2 and Bhola, Bollywood star actor Ajay Devgan’s upcoming film Maidaan is a sports biopic film. It is based on players, coaches, and team managers whose names are not even known to 70% of Indians. The film Maidaan is based on football coach Syed Abdul Rahim. This is the same Saks under whose guidance the Indian football team reached the semi-finals in the 1956 Melbourne Olympics and became the first team in Asia to reach the semi-finals.

In this film, you will get to know about Rahim Shab’s entire life, and how Rahim Shab made his career in football.

Teaser Review

Maidaan movie is under production since 2019. previously teasers and trailers are uploaded on youtube and other social media platforms. but due to the postponed release date, Now again another teaser is released on 31 march 2023 and uploaded on youtube and other social media platforms. The teaser has garnered over 23 million views since its release.

At the beginning of the teaser, we get to know about the 1952- Finland Olympics. Yugoslavia was playing opposite India. All the players of India are playing barefoot. This shows the resource crunch in India. And it also shows that due to a lack of resources, he did not budge and got selected for the Olympics for the second time after his independence.

In the last scene of the teaser, the Indian football team bus is attacked. Ajay Devgan’s first look is also shown in the teaser. Ajay Devgan is shown directing the team wearing coat pants. Maidan is a Pan India film that will be released in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and Kannada.

Production & Distribution Company

The production of the Maidaan Movie is under the banner of Zee Studios & Bayview Projects. And the movie is being distributed by Zee Studio.

Production Company Zee Studios

Bayview Projects

Distribution Company Zee Studios

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What is the release date of the Maidaan Movie?

The film was earlier released on 23 June 2023 in the cinema hall.

Who owns the digital rights to the Maidaan Movie?

Not Decided Yet but maybe zee5 holds the digital right to the Maidaan movie.

Who is the director of the Maidaan Movie?

This movie is directed by Amit Sharma

Who is the producer of the Maidaan Movie?

This movie is directed by Amit Sharma

Who is the producer of the Maidaan Movie?

The film is produced by Zee Studios, Boney Kapoor, Arunava Joy Sengupta, & Akash Chawla.

Maidaan Movie is made under whose banner?

The production of the Maidaan Movie is under the banner of Zee Studios & Bayview Projects


What is the genre of this film?

Maidaan is a Hindi language biographical sports drama film


Who is the star cast of the Maidaan Movie?

The star cast of the Maidaan Movie is as follows:

Ajay Devgan


Nitanshi Goel

Aryann Bhowmik

Gajraj Rao

Rudranil Ghosh

Rohit Mondal

Rishabh Joshi

Diego Torres Kuri

Why have we seen the movie Maidan?

Maidan Movie is a film based on the golden era of the Indian football team. You will be able to feel the detailed story of the great hero Syed Abdul Rahim of that golden era with the help of the Maidan movie. And also you will get to know the condition of India after 1947 in Maidan Movie and you will be able to feel India of that time.

If you like reading or watching Biopic then Maidan Movie will entertain you 100%.

Which film is Maidan directed by Amit Sharma?

Maidan movie director Amit Sharma’s Maidan is the third film. Earlier, Amit Sharma directed Badhaai Ho and Tevar.

Copyright Disclaimer

Before downloading Maidaan Movie Download with the help of any torrent website firstly read this afterward, you can proceed to the Maidaan Movie download. Downloading Any pirated material with the help of telegram, Dailymotion, & Torrent Movie Downloading Websites is an illegal offense for this legal action can take against you. And also a heavy fine can charge to you. From time to time the government of India banned these pirated websites but after a few days, these websites started with a new domain. is neither supported these pirated websites nor promotes these websites. the information given above is only for educational purposes.


Carefully while using such pirated websites because of the high chance of your device being hacked. Piracy is illegal Because film production and distribution companies get into heavy losses due to piracy. the main income of such companies is through movie ticket selling once a movie is leaked online then nobody will come cinema hall to watch the same movie. which included heavy losses for these companies and why it is illegal.

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